Mushrooms and Fungi - Killarney Provincial Park

Mushrooms and Fungi of Canada

Photos of a variety of beautifully shaped and colourful mushrooms and fungi found growing along the portages of Ontario's Killarney Provincial Park
Norm Hooper

Warning:  Mushrooms can be poisonous and only a trained expert can identify safe varieties.  Never eat mushrooms you find - you may get sick and require a liver transplant, or even die.


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Birch Bolete mushrooms Birch Bolete with fringed cap and dotted stem along the trail Artist's Conch Mushroom Artist's Conch on Tree
Golden Pholiotas Mushrooms Golden Pholiotas on end of log Cluster of cloned mushrooms Cluster of cloned mushrooms
Cluster of Artits's Conchs Cluster of Artist's Conchs on log next to moss Fly Agaric Fly Agaric
Saucer-Shaped Fungi Saucer shaped fungi Green Polypores on Tree Green Polypores on tree
Gray Milk Mushrooms Gray Milk Mushrooms Rosy Rullulas Rosy Rullulas next to log
Fluffball Fluffball Fungi on a portage Fungi on portage
Tawny Cystoderma Tawny Cystoderma on log Artist's Conch Artist's Conch
Brain Looking Fungi Brain looking fungi Layer-Looking Fugus Layer looking fungi
Fungi on Tree Stump Fungi on Tree Stump